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  1. official Jack Attack says:

    The fastest way to switch apps is just swipe
    left or right on the bottom of your screen

  2. Meghan Wakefield says:

    What a wonderful video, I haven’t gotten my phone yet but already I have some wonderful tips on how to use it, thank you very much

  3. Michael Turner says:

    Try not to use useless, repetitive and irritating fillers such as ok. We cannot respond.

  4. Photohack Lovers says:

    this may be a dumb question I bought the iphone x thinking its the latest one, but now you say iphone 10??? is the iphone x another name for the 10?? Im dumb to iphone because I come from android land.

  5. Filli Croc says:

    For the flashlight you have to press and hold it for about 3 seconds. It vibrates and then turns on. You do the same I turn it off. Watching from an iphonex

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