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  1. Tuck Porter says:

    Hi! Great Video Info on Mac Blu Ray problem! Glad you found compatible software for your ASUS BD Player. How was the Blu-Ray Playback? Any Audio stuttering or Video Freeze Frame going on? Was thinking about simply buying a "Living Room" standalone Blu Ray Player to avoid all of that. I hear they are faster than Blu Ray Drives connected to a computer.

  2. Thomas Matheson says:

    Thanks Sergei. I had recently wanted to start watching Blu-Ray discs on my Mac too (I have other PCs and Chrome devices to watch BD and some Blu-Ray set top boxes for my TV but wanted the flexibility). Over the years I have gotten tired of VHS tapes, DVDs and then Blu-Ray discs overloading my local archive so I usually lean towards streaming video but it’s nice to still use my own library. I had come to the same conclusion as you but it was good to compare and see you revealing your research. Appreciate the time you took to make the YouTube video. Cheers!


  3. Beefers26 says:

    Very useful video, thanks. It's a shame that no blu-ray drives that you can buy come with the necessary software already included. Looks like I'll have to pay again for software that will make the drive be able to play blu-rays.

  4. Julien Falcone says:

    At 8:17 you could have just dragged the Mac blurry player software file to the application folder in the window that popped up instead of opening the application folder separately.

  5. AlphaMax says:

    Ever tried using make mkv software and handbreak? I have it and it works great it is even free. I am on a mac mini.

  6. Peter Productions says:

    for some reason i tried putting the blu ray version of the shallows into my MacBook Pro and a few seconds later it ejected it without me asking to eject it

  7. Daniel Shulman says:

    You can always just rent or buy the digital versions of these movies on Amazon, iTunes, etc and don't need to hassle with a portable dvd player and all those dvds.

  8. Farfy McDoogle says:

    That's the problem with Apple computers: everything is way more complicated than it needs to be and after spending too much for the computer, it's still buy buy buy spend spend spend.Sure Windows computers have their disadvantages too but they cost far less for far more power and far less headaches.

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