Howto Plug 1/8 inch 3.5mm microphone into your mac computer with TRRS adapter

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  1. jim dilian says:

    and all of THAT trouble because Apple decided to remove the input .. from apple computer.. hahaha.. apple.. apple.. making life more difficult.. was much better before the input jack.. and you could use 2 inputs … simpler.

  2. Gabrianoo says:

    The video is so nice, and fill in all the basic information. BUT :-)
    There is a mistake in the information. This mic is TS only (Tip, Sleeve) and the converter is TRRS (Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve)

  3. James Liu says:

    thanks, it works. Just need to ensure to connect the microphone with the adapter, then input the whole thing to Macbook and it works. Make sure you have the battery in your mic.

  4. StopMotionMania SMM says:

    You are basically my hero.I bought a toner pro $50 mic and it didn't pick up, so I tried what you did and it instantly works! Thank you so much!

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