I Bought a FAKE iPhone X and Apple Watch from Wish!!

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  1. Rae A says:

    technically the first phone was hot a scam because for three dollars what would you have expected

  2. Deaignez Rivas says:

    Love you so much!! In my opinion wish has never did me wrong:) maybe some people get unlucky make sure you check the reviews first!

  3. Krish Bhatt says:

    Hey Sarah, I love your YouTube channel. I added you on Instagram and I saw you play fortnite. You should make a fortntie video and the would love to be one it please. My username of epics game account is krishbhatt7. I hope you add me back and I would love to play fortntie with you.

  4. AKASH SARDAR says:

    Hey I am your new subscriber. You makeing great videos. Keep going. and i love you. You looking so cute.

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