I don’t like that Apple’s making the iPhone 16 Pro display bigger, but I understand why

I have protested more than once upon hearing rumors that the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max (Ultra) will be larger than all the previous Pro and Pro Max models. We heard Apple wants to pack a periscope camera inside the iPhone 16 Pro. That module would occupy more internal space. A leaked CAD render for the iPhone 16 Pro Max seemed to confirm those reports further.

Fast-forward to Sunday and Mark Gurman corroborated these rumors. The Bloomberg reporter speculated that Apple will bring the periscope zoom camera to the smaller Pro model. Or that Apple will simply go for larger batteries. Therefore, a bump in size will be required. 

Separately, other leaks have pointed to other camera upgrades as being the culprits for the seemingly inevitable proportion changes for the iPhone 16 Pro models.

Gurman’s iPhone 16 Pro size increase detail came via his latest Power On newsletter. He said the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max displays will increase by “a couple tenths of an inch diagonally.” Previous reports claimed the screens would measure 6.3 and 6.9 inches, respectively.

Gurman also said that the size increase would make Apple’s premium iPhones more competitive with their Samsung equivalents. But I think the current sizes already do that. Samsung’s most expensive Galaxy S models can hardly keep pace with the iPhone Pro sales.

Furthermore, Gurman said that the increase in size will create more space for improved hardware. That might mean camera tech and larger batteries.

iFixit's iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown.
iFixit’s iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown. Image source: iFixit

These are logical assumptions, which I addressed before. And which I absolutely understand. The 6.1-inch iPhone Pro might be too small for putting a periscope camera in it. Or battery life would have to suffer if Apple were to do it. Then there are the extra Taptic Engines that the iPhone will need for solid-state buttons, which also take up space. Reports don’t make any mention of these components yet.

Also, Apple can’t increase only the iPhone 16 Pro size. A 6.3-inch display would be too close to the current 6.7-inch screen on Pro Max models. Therefore, the iPhone 16 Pro Max should also get a screen…