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  1. The Royal Knights MC says:

    they have free shipment for europe seeing as it comes from China i assume they would have the same for the U.S. do not know the shipping times to your country tho , to belgium is from 11 days up to 30 … my question is , how good is the sound quality on the one you have ? thks

  2. The Royal Knights MC says:

    i have no idea how to send it as a private message O_O aliexpress . com /item/Apple-dedicated-speaker-for-iphone-ipad-HTC-Samsung-and-other-smart-phones-laptop-note-book-come/719025492 . html

  3. The Royal Knights MC says:

    i found it on the aliexpress webpage, if you want i can send you the link to it as a private message. peace

  4. Bharpreet25 says:

    !!!!Caution!!!!! Dont Buy This Product or any Product from This company. FOR ME they are Frauds .. Selling fake product and also Products which dont sell, Got mine after 20 days and the Device is not working (not getting charged) , Written n number of emails and even called the phone number on the website , F___K they dont respond. I feel Cheated with my money.

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