If I buy a MAC computer can I still play my PC games on OSx?

Mac Games stagerage2004 asked:

Right now I am using a PC and I have lots of games that I would like to still be able to play if I were to switch to a MAC, but I don’t know if OSx can support these games…OR do I have to re-buy all of my games for MAC computers?
I don’t mind paying for the MAC quality. But All I want to do Is play games on the MAC…and I dont want to have to use WINDOWS XP. My question was whether or not my current games will work on a MAC’s Operating System.

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  1. Elk n' Fresh says:

    With the latest version of mac, you can boot windows using “boot camp”, if you have a windows install cd.

    Basically, if you buy a new mac, you’re getting a mac and a PC.

    Yes the games will work.

  2. partlycloudy says:

    There’s some program you can buy for the Mac that will make it accomodate PC programs — here’s a link to find out more about it:

  3. gourou says:

    It should indicate on the game cases and on the games themselves. Otherwise if you buy the new dual processor Macs like the Macbook for example it allows you to have both Windows XP and Mac OS X. You’ll be able to play your games if they don’t work on OS X, by purchasing Windows XP for Macs.

  4. danuitti says:

    Why would you, you are buying a MAC.

    Newer Macs may come with a Windows reboot option. But when you do that, your MAC becomes just as vulnerable to Viruses and SpyWare as a real PC.

    So jump into the MAC with the idea that you want to throw all of your old software away, and buy all new. Abandon the PC once and for all.

    But if you have a TON of PC software, consider buying a DELL desktop. See 500MB of RAM and the 800FSB option when picking your Pentium IV PC. This will still be under $800. There is no MAC on the planet that cheap. (this low price also includes a new Windows XP license, so DO THE MATH, PCs are cheap and here to stay).

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