If you’re doing this with your iPhone each night, Apple says stop: reports

After a long day of using your iPhone for a multitude of different tasks – from placing calls to scrolling on social media apps or hopping on Google for a quick search – your phone’s battery is due for a well-deserved recharge at night.

For some, hooking the iPhone to its charger while in bed at night is the best option. And many of us are guilty of nodding off with our smartphones next to us in bed (with an alarm set to wake us up on time the next morning of course).

But Apple is actually warning against sleeping with your smartphone charging next to you, especially if it’s on the bed, multiple media sources are reporting.

A recent service announcement from the company warns people that sleeping on a charging device could lead to fire, electric shock, injury, or damage to the phone or property.

The announcement states that nearly 1.5 million people worldwide are iPhone users, and, according to a survey, 64 percent of those who live in America charge their phones while they sleep. This means that every night, somewhere around a billion people are at risk of starting a fire, even if the risk is small.

Many of us who rely on our iPhones as an alarm clock, or for sleep apps or music to aid in falling asleep should avoid having the device lying beside us in bed due to the phone or USB power adapters becoming hot while charging, Upworthy and Woman&home reported.

“Sustained contact with warm surfaces for long periods of time may cause discomfort or injury,” Apple said in the statement. “Use common sense to avoid situations where your skin is in contact with a device, its power adapter, or a wireless charger when it’s operating or connected to a power source for long periods of time.”

Apple also went on to warn against having your phone charging while it’s covered by soft furnishings, due to overheating and risking a fire.

“Don’t sleep on a device, power adapter, or wireless charger, or place them under a blanket, pillow, or your body, when it’s connected to a power source,” Apple said in the statement. “Keep your iPhone, the power adapter, and any wireless charger in a well-ventilated area when in use or charging.”

iPhone users were also warned against charging a…