Intel aiming to create mobile processors Apple won’t be able to ignore

Intel is still angling to get in on the post PC market as it attempts to deliver processors that will be so great Apple won’t be able to ignore them. The mobile device market, as it currently stands, is dominated by ARM based processors which companies like Apple favor due to features like low power consumption.

But last week, during Intel’s investor day, Intel CEO Paul Ottelini explained how the company plans to use its vast resources and expertise to become a major player in the mobile device market.

“Our job is to ensure our silicon is so compelling, in terms of running the Mac better or being a better iPad device, that as they make those decisions they can’t ignore us,” Ottelini explained.

Intel’s formula for addressing its challenge in the smartphone processor business is the same one the Santa Clara, Calif.-based processor manufacturer has used to dominate everything from server rooms to personal computers: use its size to support manufacturing capabilities its rivals can’t match.

Intel is racing to pair its smartphone processor designs — which are based on the same x86 processor architecture that now dominates the notebook business — with its latest manufacturing processes. “What the process technology does is gives us better performance, at better power at better size,” Intel’s Bell said. “We think this is a fundamental advantage that we have.”

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