Into iPhone’s continuing coverage of the Apple iPhone launch event – 3rd St Promenade Apple Store (Symbian Watch)

Straight from the 3rd Street Promenade Apple Store in Santa Monica, Into iPhone is still bringing you embedded field coverage of the Apple iPhone Launch event – now with 25.8% more live coverag-iness. That was a joke – but we are still bringing you live streaming web video of the goings on at the Apple Store in Santa Monica! The weather is warming up quite a bit, and we’re making friends. People, again, are really friendly out here – even the tight-lipped Apple employees. We have some unconfirmed reports of the “my dad knows somebody who knows a guy that works in this store” kind. Apparently, this particular Apple Store is stocking upwards of 450 iPhones. Now, we have no reason to believe this is true, or if it is even possible for this guy to have this information – but we’re comfortable with that number. Given our position in line, we can be pretty sure that we’ll get our maximum allotment of 2 iPhones per person. We also have some worries regarding the handling of line wait-ers. How will Apple ensure that there won’t be any line-jacking when the friends of people ahead of us in the queue show up and swoop in the line. Again, from a dodgy convo we had with an Apple employee, we have reason to believe that Apple will be rolling out a solution to prevent any line-jacking when they shut down at 2PM. That’s it for now! Keep checking out live streaming webcast! It will be down momemtarily from time to time as we update the blog (we don’t have the bandwidth to stream and blog at the same time). But log on and get into the chat room – that’s where the action is!