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  1. Nona Yobiz says:

    I love this. Thanks! I'm not a repair person, but I'm a repair person wanna be. I change out my batteries myself and I use iFixit. I attempted a hard drive but had a panic attack mid way and gave up. To be revisited.

  2. Robert Hladik Sr says:

    Just got myself a 2007 Mac Pro with 32 gigs of ram. Damn that thing is fast; but it does have one problem. The itunes wont start up. I have downloaded itunes twice & installed it twice, but nothing. Any ideas ???

  3. Marilu says:

    Oy, help me fix this camera issue: "There is no connected camera"
    On my Imac, I tried the terminal command: sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant
    What do I do?
    It is out of warranty of course.

  4. Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion says:

    I tried to reinstall my software and when I got to utilities it asked for my Apple ID I gave my details and it keeps telling me iTunes is unavailable?

  5. Stray Dog says:

    One thing I like about OS X compared to Windows when comes to repairs is the built-in drivers. That alone saves me a lot time and researching.

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