iOS 16 for iPhone, MacBook Air, M2 chip


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No comment from Tim Cook on whether supply lines in China are opening up

CNBC’s Steve Kovach stopped Apple CEO Tim Cook after the keynote ended and asked whether supply lines in China are opening up:

Apple announces new iPad software, iPadOS 16

Apple Collaboration

Source: Apple

Apple just announced iPadOS 16, its latest software for iPads. It packs in new features for “pro” users who like to do a lot of things at the same time.

  • The new software lets two people easily collaborate on iPads. Users can message one another or start a FaceTime call to discuss what they’re working on. They can also see which tabs users are looking at in the tabs bar.
  • Apple is introducing a new app called Freeform later this year. It’s a collaborative whiteboard app that lets people work on a document at the same time. It seems a lot like what’s been available in Microsoft Office and Google Docs for years.

Apple Stage Manager on iPad

Source: Apple

  • Apple is rolling out Stage Manager, which will let you overlay apps and change window sizes. This means you should be able to see more of your open apps at the same time, although it falls short of being able to have lots of open windows at once as you might on a Mac or Windows computer. It’s clear Apple is still trying to keep iPad software functions very separate from Mac’s.
  • You’ll be able to do more when you attach an external monitor to an iPad running on an M1 chip. Apple said you’ll be able to move your mouse and keyboard on to the external display and interact with more apps at the same time.

— Jessica Bursztynsky

Apple’s new Mac software is called macOS Ventura

Apple just announced macOS Ventura, its new software for Macs.

Here’s what’s new:

  • With the stage manager feature, users can more easily organize open windows. It groups apps together on the side and allows users to toggle through groupings of different windows.

Apple Stage Manager

Source: Apple

  • The Mac’s Spotlight search bar has more results and the ability to take actions such as setting a timer.
  • Mail will have the ability to undo sent messages and have a more powerful search suggestion bar.
  • Shared tab groups in the Safari web browser…