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  1. Stephan Nshanyan says:

    I bought 6th gen ipad 3 weeks ago and now i want to sell it and buy 7th gen because of that extra gb ov ram, is it worth it? Pleas help with advise

  2. Tico Yan says:

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  3. Tim Trozzo says:

    If you’re not going to use a keyboard you’re better off buying an iPad 6,which sells for $249 on Amazon.

  4. Tri Ahmad says:

    it's a good news for me, in my country specially. 'Cuz since the iPad 5th Gen, eventough Apple reduce the class of iPad, but they also reduce the price, and it become make sense, I still can buy a brand new iPad with "very cheap price" and it's uncomparable even with android tablets.
    It's powefull. good battery life, good OS support from apple, and of course good ecosystem, also the color tone of iPad's display is my favorite one, even on iPad without full laminated display. the last, iPad build quality and beautiful iconic design, still be my favorite.
    I just wanna say that i'm happy

  5. Joseph Imperia says:

    I just got the 9.7 inch in June for my birthday. I really wish i had waited because it’s the same exact price but much better. RIP.

  6. Ally Hintzke says:

    On the fence about getting the 6th gen ipad or the new one… I'm just using it for school and note taking.

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