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  1. Kennith Stroude says:

    The iPad 7th gen and 6th gen I have the 6th gen and it’s funny because it’s literally the same as 6th gen so get 6th gen it’s way cheaper xd

  2. Warren McClure says:

    Apple is out of touch with their customers at least starting to. I say this because they keep selling that ugly keyboard cover and the newer one built for the iPad pros dont have dedicated function keys or backlighting that most 3rd party Apple keyboards have.

  3. friedrich nietzsche says:

    Quality at Apple? Very good, the best!!! Designer? The best too. Material of Tablets&Cellphones? The best too!!! The Logistic, System, Play Store? The biggest Bull Shit!!!

  4. friedrich nietzsche says:

    Apple, s Play Store is a bad joke, for very expensive Apple, s Cellphones and Tablets too.

  5. friedrich nietzsche says:

    Now, I have a bad experience with a Company Apple, s Products. If you want doing something with your Had, first you need a Tool. And the best Tool is in the Play Store. The Play Store at iPad Tablets is a Bull Shit, or for like mental limited people – sorry!!!

  6. friedrich nietzsche says:

    Apple, Play Store at iPad Tablets is a bad joke. Are the people at Apple really so stupid?

  7. friedrich nietzsche says:

    Very good Apples Designer but that's all. Google, s Play Store is a 1000 better, or Windows 7 too, als fucking and stupid Apples Play Store!!!

  8. komsa 99 says:

    7th generation of iPad is 99.99% used in landscape mode and playing audio just from one side….. shame on for the best multimedia gadget……

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