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  1. Chav v says:

    Understand these prices aren’t for everyone. If you can’t afford it you shouldn’t be bitching. Move forward

  2. DutchAussieProductions says:

    My apologies for the multiple comments. I have tried to remove them without success.

  3. Adam Petten says:

    Wont ever buy one, the new surface book is so good I'll probably quit on tablets or use the samsung tab A which is rather decent and 1/4 the cost. Plenty good for YouTube videos and IG

  4. Naftali Anderson says:

    This is great news for loyal Macintosh fans. People who supported Apple back in 1996 when it was close to bankruptcy.

  5. destrierofdark says:

    Honestly, I feel this is too little, too late.

    Because, at this point, what an iPad needs to be compelling against a modern Windows 10 tab is full-blown Mac OS, with zero limitations. Not to mention Windows tablets have already stolen quite some marketshare away from them, as well as better Androids with suitable interfaces (which are all still garbage, even the iPad's.)

    Sadly, Ubuntu Touch didn't get anywhere.

  6. Steve V says:

    If they make the iPad a Mac replacement they can stop using intel processors. The app developers need to get onboard and start developing desktop class apps that can use the full capabilities of the iPad processors and GPU.

  7. Dalton SpencePTCA says:

    I just got a iPad 6th generation does that have usb support or is it just the iPad Pro?

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