iPad mini set for August launch; iPhone 5 and next-gen iPad set for Fall 2012 launch – Rumor

Forget nebulous Apple rumors, Digitimes today laid out a number of speculative nuggets with a surprising bit of specificity.

Digitimes, which has a spotty record with respect to Apple rumors, writes that Apple’s next-gen iPhone is set for release in September. Which, we’ll be honest, isn’t terribly shocking, but don’t worry, there’s more.

The report also claims that Apple is, in fact, working on the highly rumored 7.85 inch iPad and that such a product will be released in August, and manufactured by Foxconn of course. And in keeping the iPad train going, the report also claims that a new iPad (we’ll call it the iPad 4 for the sake of clarity) will be released sometime in the fourth quarter of 2012. That’s particularly noteworthy given that every iPad release thus far has been released during the second quarter.

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