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  1. AsianYT says:

    I never wanted an iPad Pro so badly until I watched this video about IOS 13 and thanks for this video!

  2. Paolo Sbabo says:

    Hello, it's my first time commenting in this channel, I am an university student but I also work so I'd like to ask you something about the iPad.
    Now I use an HP envy x360 for taking notes and working, but I was wondering if the iPad could do this at all.
    I am not complaining about taking notes, but I work using a website, where I have to download CVs (pdf or doc) and open them in a half of the screen, in the other half I have the website. I need to copy text from CVs to the website.
    Can you please tell me if it is easy to open a pdf or doc and have in half of the screen and if it's easy to copy text?
    Thank you soo much for your work.

  3. SigmaBlack says:

    I wish they'd put in some kind of app compatibility mode for apps not optimized for iPad that let's me run it as a iPhone sized widget instead of the stupid looking full screen stretched out look.

  4. Areeb Asif says:

    Would this allow to directly download content via torrent? Like will it allow to download content directly on iPad without need of Mac

  5. Zankar Sanghvi says:

    Hey Marques,

    I am planning to replace my old laptop with a iPad pro. I usually type documents, draw, and edit RAW photos. I am confused between 11 & 12.9 inches model. Can you please help me decide which one is better for me?

  6. CupcakeKay says:

    I am currently needing a new iPad as my current one is laggy, slow and cracked! I was originally going to try and get the iPad pro IOS 12 but forget that now that I have seen this video! Thank you so much for posting this video because I can't wait until I am able to get a new iPad!!

  7. Plagues says:

    This is great! I just got my first iPad the other day and I have been a little frustrated at the limitations of iOS but this looking good. I would love to see a snippet tool like OneNote and windows, what do you think?

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