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  1. Adam Cohn says:

    Will it run Mac apps like Ableton and Setato? Basically can I use it in lieu of a MacBook since it “faster then 92% of laptops on the market”?

  2. JimmyG LB says:

    Every iPad with ios12 has the gestures, they have been around for years… it’s really nothing new and everyone with an iPad already knows that the home button has been useless for years!!

  3. David Barnes says:

    I am using the Ipad Mini second Generation, do you think there has been significant changes to warrant upgrading to the new Ipad Pro. Thanks for your feedback in advance……..

  4. Velin Christine says:

    Hey, I Saw a lot of Ipad 2018 Review, the Shape of Ipad always Square, but the Movies/Videos usually have WideScreen Format, Because of this I Change & Convert to Android & Windows Tablet with WideScreen Long Time a Go till Now.

    My Question, is this Ipad Pro 2018 still Has Black Bar, or Bad Ratio to Watch a Movie, if Yes. Maybe I will wait for WideScreen Ipad Version in the Future ^_^

  5. girouard1691 says:

    Steve wanted fingers to navigate. Keyboard is nice for pages, otherwise useless. Apple Pencil is excellent for writing, not a stylist

  6. Guntar Hagvarvar says:

    Wh wha what? Usb c? Damm apple you are getting better(I love the lightning cable too)

    Sorry if my english is bad

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