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  1. Sergio Casino says:

    All this power and you still have the same 2010 UI setup with a couple of icons on the screen, can't do jack with all that extra screen real estate.
    Multitasking is also very limited.

    USB C but simply using a USB C stick to transfer data is a NO GO on IOS.
    No 3.5 mm jack eventhough there is plenty of room on a tablet.
    64GB base model is a joke Dog, it's BS on a smartphone, let alone on a top of the line tablet. We all know that fills up within the week.

  2. Pito VH says:

    Is just a giant ipod Touch or iPhones Sorry but IOS is Holding this tech back! I don't own nothing with Microsoft but they are winning with the surface tablets how cool to have a desktop program on a Tablet.. i have the ipad air 2 I haven't update because why would I have a big giant iPhone tablet ✌ apple is marketing this as a laptop replacement not me!

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