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  1. Kal says:

    while the tab s6 is not perfect i think it has better features than the ipad pro. what this guy is reviewing is the iOS in general against android

  2. Jkd ,s,sismo says:

    The tab s6 has mouse support and also you can use a external monitor and the tab at the same time to use the two screens

  3. Petr Soukup says:

    Samsung tablet looks so small in comparison. Too bad Samsung has abandoned their 12 inch tablet line. Tab S6 is just too small for me …

  4. steve matterson says:

    The tab s6 pen can be docked on top of the tab s6 too jus like the IPad Pro a lot of people don’t know that.

  5. Adrian McCoy says:

    Um boss you do know you can switch out the stock tab s6 keyboard for a more custom board with the android market right… just fyi… probably shouldn't base your purchasing off the stock keyboards is all.

  6. noone nooo says:

    Android Tab? Hell No! Got Samsung last time …. worst decision ever!!! Returned and got IPad Pro! Never making that mistake ever

  7. Scarlet says:

    Seems like you don't yet understand how the Samsung tablet works and aren't using the best software. Maybe you should've used it a bit more before doing a comparison. Samsung DeX gives a desktop replacement, ability to access files, much better experience for artists with the s-pen (which can also be docked in multiple places FYI), and is seamless with your other devices & PC. I use a Wacom pen designed for artists and there's nothing like it on an iPad. It works on my Samsung touchscreen PC, Galaxy Note phone & on the tab. For my parents who are older I think the iPad is much easier to use but for anyone who wants full functionality and is willing to learn, the Samsung tablets are superior.

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