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  1. abady !! says:

    Really great videos, thank u. But can u please talk not slowly I would say but slower than u talk now ? Sometimes really it gets hard when we look at the visuals and u already said ten sentences which means we miss half what u are saying at that moment. Thank u anyway.

  2. rudy boumon says:

    I want to buy a new tablet, which one do I choose? galaxy tab S4 or ipad pro 10.5? does the ipad pro have dolby athmos? galaxy tab s4 has oled.

  3. Repulse theMonkey says:

    Face recognition is another silly gimmick and a risk to privacy. Only fan boys want a giant iPhone. Why is it ‘obvious’ that the headphone jack would be removed.? It would be another ‘less for more’ move, which typifies Mr Cook’s reign. Add to this the horrendous decision to kill the affiliate program, and Apple’s greed knows no bounds.

  4. Alexandre Lollini says:

    Nice video ! You have width and length reversed on the part where you compare with current models.

  5. pakchi70 says:

    The cad model may be just a testing model Apple has been testing, but not going to be the real thing, just like the iPhone X cad with home button on the back, it didnt happening either

  6. LorenzAssassin 1O1 says:

    I wonder if that zone of tech at the top will also be there when it the ipad is release lol

  7. Tanvir Hasan says:

    Nice video!! We want to know the name of the background music at the beginning of the video please.

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