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  1. Mustafa Önder Pembe says:


    The split and multi-function mode are very cool for Note, E-mail etc. Does it work for ios OneDrive app? Can we open two files (eg. two MS Word files or PDF files) on seperated/splited screens?

    I will be happy if you give information.

    Many thanks…


  2. GetReward Official says:

    Guys why my ipad pro 11 Its Still On IOS 12.3.1 I bought it One Week Ago Its That Just In Your country Got First IOS 13 Update? im From Indonesia why cant update to ios 13 in my ipad it says My device is in the newest version even my brother ipad still stuck tho?

  3. Jacques Pagnoux says:

    When I see, live, the connection of an external hard drive or USB key, and the actual reading of ALL the files on it, I will believe something new has really happened: not before

  4. drzv007 says:

    Nice walkthrough of iPadOS features … except for the typo (it’s enhancements not enchancements)

  5. 4REAL says:

    Just ordered the Ipad Pro 11” space grey + the keyboard and Apple Pencil can’t wait

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