iPhone 13 has a lot to live up to: After 5G, Apple needs to find the next big thing


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Apple’s iPhone 12 was one of its bestsellers.

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Last year, Apple tapped 5G wireless as the key new feature of the iPhone 12, promising faster downloads and more reliability. With this year’s next iPhone, Apple may be looking to the heavens for its next big breakthrough.

The tech giant is expected to offer new iPhones on Tuesday that could include technology for making emergency phone calls even without a cellular signal. The new feature, which reportedly will rely on a chip designed to talk to low-orbit satellites, may not arrive this year, according to earlier reporting by Bloomberg. Regardless, the new iPhone is expected to still rely on 5G wireless technology for day-to-day connectivity.

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If announced this year, the new feature could help Apple’s latest iPhone stand apart even though it’ll have a similar look to last year’s device, save for a rumored smaller notch for the front-facing camera and sensors. Other rumored features include an upgraded camera and a better screen. There’s also potentially new colors rumored, and a new 1TB storage option.

“The challenge is getting the same level of…