‘iPhone 13’ mockups & Apple anti-sideloading defense on the AppleInsider Podcast


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On this week’s episode of the AppleInsider podcast, leaked “iPhone 13” mockups claim to show only slight differences, Apple releases an anti-sideloading white paper, and we discuss the purpose of covering Apple rumors.

Dummy models have surfaced of the “iPhone 13” lineup which seems to include an “iPhone 13 mini”. The physical design closely resembles the current iPhone 12 models, but with small changes to the camera module layout. Separately, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also predicts the 2022 “iPhone 14” to include under-display Touch ID plus lower prices.

Facebook has officially rolled out podcasts and Live Audio Rooms in their app. However, only US-based verified public figures and select groups will be able to participate in this feature that resembles Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. Some pages will also be given the option to integrate their podcast RSS feeds and auto-post new episodes, but this feature has yet to beseen in the Facebook app.

Meanwhile, a report from ITV News claims that Amazon UK is destroying millions of unsold products in their warehouses per year. Vendors have the ability to utilize Amazon warehouses as a storage facility for their products, but eventually it becomes more cost effective to destroy these items rather than continue paying.

Amazon responded by saying, “We are working towards a goal of zero product disposal.”

Next, Apple released a white paper explaining their anti-sideloading stance and the security implications if legislation passed forcing it on iPhone. Arguments include the large target iPhone users around the globe would be for malicious attacks and malware, and the risk of compromising parental controls like “Ask to Buy”. Our hosts share their thoughts on sideloading and whether it would be worth the risk to iPhone users.

Patreon CEO Jack Conte recently admitted that despite users being able to pay creators directly inside the iOS app, Apple does not take the 30% commission as with other apps selling digital goods and subscriptions.

We also discuss Apple rumors and why it’s valuable to report on unreleased or upcoming devices.

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