iPhone 15 Could Receive a Massive Camera Upgrade


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If the granules of news falling out of the rumor mill end up true, the iPhone 15 could be a huge shakeup for Apple’s phone line. The next iteration of the Cupertino company’s flagship phone will reportedly grant a 48-MP lens—currently only a feature of Pro iPhonesto the everyman.

This latest rumor comes thanks to a supply chain report from the Chinese site ITHome. The news stems from an analysis of the camera supply chain—in particular, Sony’s production capacity shortages for its camera units, thanks to the regular iPhone camera being upgraded to the 48-megapixel size. According to ITHome, Sony has had trouble filling Apple’s orders for more higher-quality camera modules than previous generations of iPhones, so it’s reached out to Taiwan Semiconductor for help. Why is Apple order more of these camera modules? Because it’s equipping not only the premium iPhones with the 48-MP camera, but also the basic ones, perhaps. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

This isn’t the first time this rumor has floated to the surface. Last month, MacRumors first reported on a research note from analyst Jeff Pu that claimed a 48-megapixel lens on the regular iPhone 15 would use a three-stacked sensor that could support even better image quality. However, that more-complicated sensor has also led to some production delays for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. The device still maintains an expected shipping date of September this year.

So what about the 15 Pro line? The 48-MP primary sensor on the phone’s tri-camera array was one of the main selling points for Apple’s more expensive model, though as we noted in our review of the 14 Pro, the sensor usually only shoots at 12MP with quad-pixel tech enabled. Enabling the full might of the Pro’s rear sensor creates some very large images mostly useful for professional photographers. The night sight capabilities on the Pro Max’s largest sensor are also comparable to its Google counterparts.

Based on everything we know about the upcoming iPhone 15, the Pro versions of the phone could still have three cameras, but it could also come with a…