iPhone 15 periscope zoom camera might happen, new report says


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A report said a few days ago that the iPhone 14 won’t get a periscope camera. Instead, Apple will introduce the periscope lens with next year’s iPhone 15 series. A new report indicates that Apple might have already secured a deal with a key parts supplier in Asia who might provide components for the next-gen zoom camera.

Will iPhone 14 have a telephoto camera?

The iPhone 14 series will include four devices split into two lines and two sizes. The mini design is going away, so buyers will get to choose between 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screens this year. The non-Pro iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro will each offer the two display diagonals.

Only the iPhone 14 Pro phones will include a telephoto lens. That’s the third lens available on Pro models. All four iPhones will share wide and ultra-wide cameras. However, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will not feature a periscope telephoto lens. Customers waiting for that functionality will have to wait for the iPhone 15 series.

Periscope lenses have largely been a marketing gimmick, especially in the early years. Phones like the Galaxy S20 Ultra would deliver 100x digital zoom, but that sort of magnification was unusable. Your best bet for improved quality was a much lower zoom setting. But Samsung has improved the feature significantly for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, showing potential for the technology.

A telephoto zoom isn’t a must-have feature on a smartphone. But it can offer better optical zoom if that’s something you need. Apple has been working behind the scenes on deals to bring periscope zoom to its iPhone, and it looks like it could have the technology starting with the iPhone 15 series.

A new report from The Elec notes that Jahwa Electronics announced on Wednesday plans to spend 191 billion won ($155 million) on a new facility. The plant will produce optical image stabilization (OIS) actuators for undisclosed clients. The components also include autofocus functions in addition to OIS.

2017 periscope zoom camera prototype technology from Oppo
2017 periscope zoom camera prototype technology from Oppo. Image source: Oppo

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