iPhone 15 Pro Max Likely to Be More Expensive Than iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max will likely be more expensive than the previous Pro Max model, says Jeff Pu, a tech analyst at Hong Kong-based investment firm Haitong International Securities.

Pu, in his latest research note, predicts Apple’s largest Pro iPhone model will be priced higher than the $1,099 base price of the current iPhone 14 Pro Max model.

Pu doesn’t provide details as to why he believes the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be more expensive. However, the higher price will likely be due to a larger battery and display, as well as a periscope camera lens. While both iPhone 15 Pro models will boast telephoto lens technology, the Pro Max model is likely to be the only model that boasts a periscope lens that will enable 5x to 6x optical zoom

The periscope lens camera system would allow light entering the telephoto lens on the back of the iPhone to be reflected by an angled mirror towards the camera’s image sensor. That would allow Apple to fit a longer telephoto setup inside the iPhone, allowing users to zoom in closer without any blurriness.

If the iPhone does gain a periscope camera system, it will join a growing list of Android smartphones with periscope lenses, including Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra and Huawei’s P40 Pro+.

Pu also expects to see the iPhone 15 lineup enter mass production in August, which is normal for a September debut. Pu believes Apple will manufacture around 84 million units for the second half of 2023, with the two Pro models likely to be the most popular devices in the lineup in the first few months of launch.

(Via MacRumors)