iPhone 15 rumoured to include new colours and periscope lens |

The latest rumours about plans for the iPhone 15 suggest the Pro device could come in brand new colours and feature an extra special camera.

Apple bosses are expected to launch their new gadget this year – with many pointing towards a potential announcement in September – and the internet has been ablaze with chatter about possible updates to the much-loved handset.

The latest suggestion is that Apple may introduce two new colours to the line-up – with a bright green being touted alongside an “exclusive” shade of crimson for the 15 Pro.

9T5Mac also reports Apple is rumoured to have been testing out plans for light blue and pink shades for the new phone which is said to be made from titanium – a material previously seen in the Apple Watch series.

A titanium frame would make the new phones around 45 per cent lighter than previous stainless steel incarnations.

Other rumours heating up include gossip about the camera on the 15 Pro Max – with analyst Jeff Pu of the Haitong International Tech Research suggesting the Pro Max will have added features not included on the Pro version including a periscope lens for the telephoto camera which will give the phone a hefty zoom as well as increased capacity for the batteries.

If true, the prediction could also mean a hefty price difference between the two models.

It was previously rumoured that the four new 15 phones could have another big change – a USB-C charging port which would replace the Lightning – which was first added in 2012 to the iPhone 5.

No official details have been released by experts suggest production could begin of the new models in August ahead of a potential launch in September.