iPhone 16 Pro series to use a 1/1.14-inch outsole + periscope ultra-telephoto combination


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The iPhone has always been known for its pretty decent camera output, and with each new series. Apple has stated that it will continue to bring better features to its mobile camera system. While we wait for the iPhone 15 series to arrive later this year, there are rumours about the iPhone 16 Pro series. According to popular Weibo tech blogger, @DCS, Apple has a custom 48MP 1/1.14″ IMX 903 sensor from Sony. He claims that this sensor is larger than the one on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. His report also claims that Apple will have a very powerful camera setup for the iPhone 16 series which includes the following 

  • 1/1.14″± super sensor
  • 1MG + 7P moulded glass-plastic module
  • Periscope super telephoto combination

iPhone 16 Pro Series

These are only rumours and should be taken with a grain of salt. However, the popular tech blogger, @DCS, is quite authoritative when it comes to leaks and rumours. Over the years, @DCS has gained a reputation for accurate leaks and is widely trusted. If this leak turns out to be true, then the iPhone 16 series will likely push the limits of mobile camera output. It will offer users even better versatility and high-quality imaging. Let’s delve into this exciting feature in more detail.

1/1.14-inch Outsole

The use of a 1/1.14-inch outsole in the iPhone 16 Pro series will be an upgrade from older models. This larger sensor size allows for more light to be captured. The result of this is better low-light image output and better overall image quality. With a larger outsole, the iPhone 16 Pro can capture more detail and produce sharper images. Users will not have to worry when they are in an area with poor lighting. However, we must state again that this is only a rumour and do not get your hopes too high just yet.

Periscope Ultra – Telephoto link

According to the rumour from a trusted source, @DCS, the iPhone 16 Pro series will add a periscope ultra-telephoto sensor. This sensor will make the zoom feature of this device much better. A periscope lens system uses a series of mirrors to bend light. This allows for a longer focal length without increasing the physical size of the camera module. It also means that the iPhone 16 Pro can achieve higher levels of optical zoom…