iPhone 5 production at Foxconn said to be at 150,000 units per day

By Luis Estrada:
Citing sources in the supply chain, DigiTimes is reporting that iPhone 5 production at Foxconn is ramping up and is now at a throughput of 150,000 units per day.

“Lens maker Largan Precision, touch panel maker TPK Holding, reinforced glass supplier G-Tech Optoelectronics and battery vendors Simplo and Dynapack are all operating at full swing currently,” the report notes.

The report indicated that iPhone 5 shipments in September are expected to reach 5-6 million units and over 22 million units during the fourth quarter of 2011.

Regarding a release date, the latest rumblings indicate that pre-orders will begin towards the end of September and that the device will go on sale during the first week of October.

It remains unknown if Apple this Fall will release one iPhone model or perhaps two. Remember there have been reports suggesting Apple will release an iPhone 5 with a larger form factor alongside a lowcost iPhone 4S.

As for the larger form factor, the image below purports to show an iPhone 5 case with an iPhone 4. Note that the case is longer, thinner, and wider than the current iPhone. This aligns with some other iPhone 5 case schematics and moldings we’ve seen which also point to an iPhone 5 with a teardrop form factor.

via DigiTimes

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