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  1. 91Tech says:

    It's hard to believe the iPhone 6 is already 4 years old- and with the iOS 12 update it looks like it still has a couple years of life left. What do you think? Is it still worth picking up, or is it too old to recommend?

  2. Garrett Strong Gaming/ automotive says:

    Great battery? Mine sucks but, after i calibrated it it is so much better

  3. Codex says:

    Nokia 1100 and 1110 each sold more than the iPhone 6 and 6s combined.

    Nokia had 2 iPhone 6/6s in a row and still fell.

  4. RaidZeroHero says:

    If we wasn’t forced to update iOS for certain apps it would still run fast in the stock iOS it launched with

  5. RaidZeroHero says:

    The iPhone 4s,5s,6s are the best iPhones ever made the 4,5,6 are just the birth of them and still good

  6. Carlapplepro says:

    Then I used a iPhone 6 Plus for about 2 years go on iOS 9.3.3 then update it to iOS 11.3
    Then I got the iPhone se

  7. Impendence Kitty says:

    I got iPhone 6 on 2018 But I feel That my Phone Feels Very Tough Did they fixed Bendgate

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