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  1. Omkar Belekar says:

    I have also iPhone 6 from last one and half year, I have also issue for slower app opening, if I changed my battery which is having more than 600 charge cycles, I will get my iPhone 6 in previous state (faster app opening)???

  2. Ayaz Abdul Khader says:

    How about a brand new iphone 6 32GB today? Worth it? Speaking of which, as it is going to be brand new, the battery will be great right?

  3. ShayInspires 2k17 says:

    Okay so I have the 6 and have had it for a month. I’m still on iOS 11.4 how do I upgrade to iOS 12?

  4. - ImN0tR3al - says:

    Mic I’ve got a problem on my 5s every time I unlock my phone it freezes same when I launch apps it freeze for a minute it’s very annoying I think I’m might get a 6 or 6s should I ?

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