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  1. Fixez.com says:

    Do you not know how to disassemble and reassemble your iPhone 6 Plus? No need to worry. This guide is easy to follow and will demonstrate step by step how to safely take your device apart and put it back together.

  2. ____________ says:

    Excellent quality smartphone. But shity ass crap apple iOS !! i hope apple makes their smartphones with Android someday

  3. ابو على الشرقاوى says:

    والله العظيم انت مهندس شكرا ليك من كل قلبي على الشغل الالى ده ..

  4. Lydia Nichole says:

    Thanks for this video… Its so detailed. I was watching this while taking the motherboard out of my BF's broken Iphone 6. I am just wondering if there is any company you know of that retrieves any data on the motherboard for a Iphone 6?

  5. Arctic84 says:

    Great video, Screen replacement shown to be super simple.. but God forbid you switch the entire housing. Ruined my OEM battery.. :(

  6. A Farhan says:

    dude thanks!
    just to ask if you know. My phone seems have flicker on top. I plan to complete assemble and dissable.
    The wierd things is when i put the phone to aircond air, the flickering slowly dissapear. i strongly think it is due to bad thermal paste on the chips.

    do you have any idea how to remove the heatsink on the chips? if any?


  7. Team J Hill says:

    i got my digitizer and screen replaced all parts perfectly flush screen comes on and looks perfect but the touch screen is unresponsive. any ideas?

  8. ElecTroMan DIY AMPLIFIER says:

    i gonna like this video because of step by step procedure… even too long! thanks buddy

  9. Hooligan Records Universal says:

    Hey! So after screen replacement my 6+ battery is just horrible. And the phone gets hot too.

  10. Jonjon Sanches says:

    It would be helpful if you could let people know that the iPhone comes with different size screws and making sure that they return the screw to their original location. As putting a screw on a different location could damage components and render the fix more costly.

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