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  1. Steve Redmond says:

    Yep bought a new iPhone 6s and 27 days later in a otter box I had it in my back pocket and slipped and fell on the ice and it stopped working it’s just barely got bent can almost not even see it and now it is junk I’ve had a iPhone 5s for years in a otter box and it’s been through hell and it is still working guess my up grade wasn’t a up grade signed an ex iPhone customer

  2. ExpertCobra1911 says:

    My dads iPhone 6 Plus bent really hard to about 70 degrees, he just bent it back and then could use it for another 30 seconds and then it died. Then his office replaced it with another 6 plus…

  3. Agnieszka Piekło says:

    And what? The phone is not for nailing but to call. This material is good for plastic deformation so it does not get a shock if its falls down to the ground. Thats it.

  4. Big Boi says:

    Lew: Hey you hobos over there! Do you want to make 100$ real fast? Come put on there clothes i gave you and nod a lot in my video and youll get 1,000$ bucks each.

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