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  1. EliTeZ Shad says:

    Do you want to know what's funny my grandma said she was going to give me a Samsung Galaxy S9 for Christmas but and then she I got off the phone with her and she said I'm getting an iPhone 6 Plus

  2. Jbellbox says:

    I've been watching alot of Iphone 6 unboxing because I am getting one for Christmas and I am sooo excited

  3. tøasty says:

    I've been using an LG or a Samsung for my whole entire life! And I've gotten sick of using the same thing over and over and not buying an iPhone for the first time. That's why me and my family are switching to another company and are getting iphones. I'm getting the 6 my brother is getting the 7 my mum is getting the IPhone X and my dad is getting the iPhone X too.

  4. Daily Apple says:

    Actually I bought a 6 like 2 weeks ago and mine got the SIM tool. Is your factory unlocked version? If not, that’s why yours did not come with SIM tool

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