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  1. Sam Nators says:

    I am getting a 6 plus for my birthday I am still pretty small so is it easier to get a SE or is 6 plus better?

  2. Sandwich says:

    They always said…
    Bigger screen = less fps for games and more lag

    imma get iphone 6s its good for gaming , i also had 6s before and i tested on asphalt 9 and it looked more realistic than the PLUS.

    but the 6s battery drains fast when you play big games

  3. AardvarkPark says:

    Thanks bro! I'm late but my birthday is coming soon and I think I will get the iPhone 6 Plus

  4. Sophie Cominos says:

    Guys I need ya help should I get a iPhone 6 Plus or a hover board for my birthday plsssss help mee

  5. Monkey cxsd says:

    They assured me there would be nothing wrong with the phone>>>ur2.pl/1285 and they were right it car right on time! Everything was perfect! Works like new, only a few minor scratches on the back but other than that it was fine! Would definitely recommend!

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