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  1. ACreek15 says:

    Samsung has join the chat.
    I wish my s7 edge got the One UI update, but now thinking of getting either the s9 plus or s10.

  2. C O D i E says:

    I'll be getting the new Google Pixel 3a this christmas! way better than any mf Lphone

  3. gguk malone says:

    i’m still using the 6 plus and the battery’s health downed to 85% only because i’ve been using this phone since 2015:// i really wanna upgrade but i’m broke rn so i probably won’t get a new phone ‘till 2020 lmao

  4. ian parry says:

    Most likely 6s will be the minimum requirement for iOS 13.
    Anyone looking at getting a new iphone shouldn’t go any lower than the iPhone 7, which I’m sure will be good for the next 2 iOS updates.

  5. Tech Guy says:

    I don’t think they will stop supporting this phone it’s to new the 5s I can believe

  6. Therese Dimaunahan says:

    I don't even have a flipping phone I'm just using my old iPad mini 1 and it is like legit laggy

    Why am I watching this video???

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