iPhone news

Will Apple Launch the iPhone SE 4 This Year?

February 7, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. iPhone 14 Pro Max: Apple better watch out

February 5, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Down is up: iPhone slumps, iPad soars, and a massive quarter isn’t massive enough

February 3, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Viral TikTok shows what happens when you accidentally drop an iPhone into boiling oil

February 1, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Everyone is going to want to buy an iPhone 15 Ultra this fall

January 30, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Next Apple Watch May Be Apple Watch X, Not Series 9

January 28, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple cuts trade-in values of its iPhones

January 26, 2023/by AppleCrisp

iOS 16.3—Apple Just Gave iPhone Users 13 Reasons To Update Now

January 24, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple Leaks New iPhone, iPad App In iOS 16.3

January 22, 2023/by AppleCrisp

How Apple’s sleep tracker can help you lose weight

January 20, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple iPhone 14 series’ Crash Detection feature continues to raise false alarms from skiers

January 16, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Almost a month after users flagged iPhone 14 Pro display glitch, Apple says working on fix

January 14, 2023/by AppleCrisp

The best iOS 16 feature you’re not using will make your iPhone 14 Pro so much better

January 12, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple Likely To Speed Up iPhone 15 India Production; Tipped To Enter Trial Production Stage

January 10, 2023/by AppleCrisp

5 best selling smartphones: Apple iPhone 13 is numero uno, Samsung Galaxy M13 follows

January 8, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Tesla Isn’t Apple. Elon Isn’t Steve Jobs. EVs Aren’t the Next iPhone.

January 6, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Kuo: Apple Picks BOE for Initial Order of iPhone 15 Displays, Could Potentially Overtake Samsung as Leading Supplier

January 4, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple Increasing the Price Out-Of Warranty iPhone Battery Replacements Starting in March

January 2, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple in 2023: iPhone 15, Watch Series 9, AR/VR headset and more

December 31, 2022/by AppleCrisp

Apple may re-evaluate Pro and non-Pro models for iPhone 15 lineup

December 29, 2022/by AppleCrisp

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