iPhone news

Why Apple’s Trivial iPhone Change Is So Upsetting

September 25, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Top Stories: iOS 17, iPhone 15, and New Apple Watches Released

September 23, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple might be working on an iPhone with a second touchscreen running down the side

September 21, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple releases major update for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and more

September 19, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple Significantly Lowers Repair Fees for iPhone 15 Pro Models With Cracked Back Glass

September 17, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple is now charging more for most Apple Watch battery swaps

September 15, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Pornhub traffic dipped during Apple’s iPhone 15 announcement

September 13, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Time to Update: Apple Patches 2 iOS Flaws That Launch Malware on iPhone, iPad

September 7, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple could be dropping leather from iPhone cases and Watch bands, reports claim

September 5, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple enthusiast ‘bites’ through security, arrested in daring iPhone 14 heist in China

September 3, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple considers micro lens system to brighten iPhone 16 screens

September 1, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple’s iPhone Security Research Device Program sign-ups open

August 30, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Tim Cook Says ‘Buy Your Mom An iPhone’ If You Want To Communicate With Android Users — Compatibility Not A Priority For Apple

August 28, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple warns users against sleeping next to a charging iPhone

August 26, 2023/by AppleCrisp

If you’re doing this with your iPhone each night, Apple says stop: reports

August 24, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple and MKBHD showcase company using iPhone LiDAR to help create pet prosthetics

August 22, 2023/by AppleCrisp

The MacRumors Show: Apple Watch X and iPhone SE 4 Rumors

August 18, 2023/by AppleCrisp

Apple to pay up to $500 million to iPhone users after judge nixes final appeal

August 12, 2023/by AppleCrisp

When will Apple announce the iPhone 15 event?

August 10, 2023/by AppleCrisp

The 7 best iPhone fast-charging cables that aren’t made by Apple

August 8, 2023/by AppleCrisp

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