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  1. nik maknojia says:

    Phone is so badass everything is just perfect about it in my opinion but they only reason why I returned it and got 8 plus instead was battery life.. this phone is shit like complete shit in battery life at least in my usage standards. iPhone 8 Plus I cannot kill that phone in one day but iPhone X dies on me in half the day so stupid when you have such a good hardware the gestures were so good to use I miss that part I might get the new iPhone if apple don’t fuck up in battery life again

  2. metin kaplan says:

    This is called review mate… thanks a lot i heard what i really want to hear. Who cares about numbers or ext…

  3. icantwords says:

    One thing I don’t get about people saying you have to look at your phone to unlock it is once you unlock your phone, what is the first thing you do? Look at it!

  4. Ryan Auyeung says:

    Did you use screen protector or any other protections? how do you keep your phone avoid to get scratch? BTW, I really love iPhone X too~

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