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  1. Plz Give Me 1K SUBS! says:

    I have the iPhone XR and I think these iPhones are getting bigger and better!

  2. Joe Patroni says:

    Why do reviewers always overuse the word "Now"…..As in Now, the iPhonex blah blah blah…..

  3. kawsar ahmed says:

    brother can you tell me.. what about the battery life in iphone x.. can i cover full day

  4. curse Love says:

    oh do a review on a Nokia N9 since i phone stole or more like copy the the Nokia N9 gesture motion
    to bad people did not pay any attention or know adout it since nokia had a very poor marketing strategy.

  5. Joe Patroni says:

    0:11 I have noticed a trend starting about 3 years ago with reviewers overusing the word "Now" to start off sentences. What up with that?
    Also people say thank you SO much instead of very much…..Another trend/change I have noticed over the past 3-4 years.
    Just sayin..

  6. Austin P says:

    I got the iPhone XS and I already have scratches on the stainless steel band. I don’t like it but it’s normal so I learn to live with it.

  7. Kai Jamieson-hixon says:

    Every review I watch the phone is sitting up right although the bottom is not square how do every phone reviewer do that

  8. Ameer Ali Ouarda says:

    Why on earth would tapping the gesture bar activate reachability???? It’s not hard to swipe down. It works every time, all the time. Don’t criticise for the sake of critiquing. Absolutely pathetic!
    Even with Touch ID, no one EVER puts there phone that low. How TF are you supposed to see the screen with the phone that low!???!?

  9. Nannem Sri Harsha Sharma says:

    I seen so many times in mobile review videos of you. Seen The verge app in your homescreen But I cannot find in appstore. What is that

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