iPhone X screen leaks and the new MacBook teardown (The Apple Core)

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  1. Joseph Sciberras says:

    When she said 'Apple is making a budget macbook' I'm not sure which sort of budget she means. The Apple "budget", or the actual, cheap, affordable budget.

  2. Queen Brooklynn says:

    What calendar does she use she said and I quote we are “weeks” away WEEKS she could of just said two months away

  3. Layback Studios says:

    The new Apple computer cuts the power of the i9 in half. If a body builder gets 1/3 the oxygen he needs he'll lose arm wrestling a regular dude. The cooling is worse then any other macbook. And that says something.

  4. Marion Dela Cruz says:

    LG screens? Oh my.. it's inferior compared to the Samsung screens. Look at the Pixel 2 XL screen

  5. Dennis Dowd says:

    Who really cares about Apple and their hype? I know the reviews on their latest iMac Pro using the i9 Intel CPU overheat so quickly and constantly that the CPU just never can even reach its standard posted speed. This is like Ford making a car that overheats and shuts down it's engine before it can be damaged by heat, after driving it for just 5 minutes!!! Ford of course knows better than doing this because it is stupid, but Apple can't figure this out. Because Apple is stupid, and assumes the consumer is stupid enough not to know this limitation in its design and will go out and spend $10,000 on a laptop that constantly overheats.

  6. imamacnewbie says:

    This chick is just too perky to give us tech news. She needs to take it down a notch and stop yelling. Her voice is grating

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