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  1. hello world says:

    If it is the first time you opening up the games on a new phone, of course it is going to be slower than one that opened it a lot of times… In every other speed test, the snapdragon 845 outperformed iPhone x chipset in both gaming and basic app… The snapdragon is a more powerful chipset. No matter which phones, as long as it has the SD 845 processor it always out performed the iPhone… You can look on other channels and look take a look on their speed test video… The iPhone x didn't win in no apps except for maybe subway surfer.

  2. Albin Isufi says:

    I don’t know what’s Apple thinking with that 3gb ram
    It just reloaded half of the apps

  3. Bardhok Ndoji says:

    Unlocking on iPhone X is not a 2 step process. It does unlock instantly once you look at it. And you could see the padlock on the top of the screen being unlocked. Going to the home screen however, you have to swipe up and that is intentional so people who want to look at notifications without going to home screen can do that.

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