iPhone XR vs iPhone XS vs XS Max vs iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus Battery Life DRAIN TEST

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  1. Brandon Butch says:

    QUICK! Before you start watching the video, which iPhone do you think will win this battery test? Leave a comment below!

  2. JEALOUS GUY says:

    It’s unfair cos old phones like 8 plus and iPhone X have wear and tear of 1 year

  3. Peter Dang says:

    So these phones can go up to 8 hours with screen on all the time??? Lol my iPhone 6s only last 4 hours with screen on time can somebody tell me if it’s true that these iPhone X really can last that long ?

  4. Norwich Airforce#1 says:

    Yes, start with the newest cell 1st before starting videos. 8S was started 1st each time with you talking for a minute. Then you need to pull all adds off each phone to make sure each one is 1000% the same which you said you did. But then stated some had adds on it. I didn't like the video on how you did it. 1st start with the brand new cell now. Not a Iphone 8S,, how old us that cell and battery ? I knew it was gonna be 1st to die, I would of bet $1000,000.00 on it. Then you started with left to right, but phones were stronger from right to left by newest and strongest. This video is not correct. Need to make all cell phones 100% EQUAL. Sorry guy's. I like your stuff, this is like a magic trick to us on what to buy. The last phone was gonna be close to the end, but 2nd to last had the biggest battery my 400 mHa more than other's. Hope you can make 100% EQUAL. Set each one to same with adds off on each with only 1 movie playing, now you never pressed lap time once stopped movie to show battery life just to show at this time we stopped to talk about phones, then from left started 1st to right, 1 second adds up at end now. I watch NASCAR and seen photo finish to which a driver wins by .10 of a THOUSAND of a SECOND on a race and it equals to be the thickness of normal hand, not large nor small. Reason of photo finish just to show people that one beat the other. Without, then its a conspiracy amongst the fans. They replay over and over to show the rate of speed of 190 MPH coming across the line. Just be fair to us with each phone set 100% exactly the same and take the old phone and put a brand new battery in by iPhone with an iPhone battery, then have for a 5 Hands All hit play at the same time, so have five people stand there and when you say press play. Then it's going to be the most accurate as possible, once you stop the phone to talk it lap time so you know what time it was to see what battery life is after 10 minutes of play then half an hour a play then run out the clock. Also play a high color film movie like Avatar. That's a great movie to suck juice up fast.

  5. Squishy Storm says:

    if you look the xr brightness went higher throughout the video and it was more than the other phones

  6. BlueNinja 2k says:

    I have an Xr and lose 1% every 6 minutes. Well around, and yes I have All the features that would drain battery off

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