IPhones get replaced more quickly than iPads & Macs

iPhone users quickly replace devices

Unsurprisingly, a survey demonstrates that the iPhone is more critical in Apple users’ lives than an iPad or Mac, leading to faster replacements.

Over 80% of respondents said they would replace a lost, stolen, or damaged iPhone immediately or within a few days, with more saying they would do so than wait. Just 6% of people would wait for a working iPhone longer than a week.

Mac users also need their computers a little more than iPad owners need their tablets. For example, about 90% of Mac users would replace a lost, stolen, or broken computer within one week, but only 80% of iPad owners would do so in the same timeframe.

Only a tiny minority of iPhone, iPad, and Mac users said they would not replace a lost, stolen, or damaged gadget, indicating that all three products have become indispensable to Apple users.