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  1. Jake Gibbons says:

    Halfway through the video and you're doing nothing but repeating yourself. You made these points at least 3 times already. Move along

  2. Adonis Fernandes says:

    Please tell apple to release a new ipod classic with bluetooth function in it. That would be kool. Go wireless. Hope we can also trade in our old ipod classic for the new one in bluetooth if they wver make it. But i want everyone to press and force apple to make it. We r ready to pay. Just want bluetooth. Come on people who r with me lets let apple know what we want.

  3. Mike P says:

    If they made an iPod Classic with 512gb of flash storage and Bluetooth, I feel like that would just make the iPod Touch irrelevant. Also, how would they push their streaming service on it?

  4. Che Guevara says:

    I have been saying that for a long, long time and people just laugh at me. I guess I feel that Ipod classic is the best because I love music more than talking on the phone. By the way I still have it and I bought it in 2006 and they gave me another one for very low price almost free about 5 years a go I think.

  5. Ben Hatto says:

    I want an ipod classic, but I don't buy music. It's not worth it for me to spend $0.99 every time I want a song. I would buy this 100% if it has apple music.

  6. anonymous mc says:

    I made 4 tb iPod classic it has 4 1tb Samsung micro sd cards in it also put a bigger battery I stated with a 30gb they have the best audio chip;)

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