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  1. Kelson Glint says:

    I got a question: How to sync from iPod Classic to iTunes? My main problem is that a have a lot of content in iPod Classic and nothing in iTunes. Always I try to do exactly what you did in the video, I get that prompt saying that all the memory will be erased, but I didn't find a way to save all the stuff that is already in iPod, make iTunes read it and sync it. I backup all the data inside iPod but I can't use it as it is with iTunes.

  2. Grahame Gourlay says:

    I may have the same problem but I just don't get to the page you speak about, all I get is a n i pod picture top left but nothing happens if I click, double click, left or right click – any help please.

  3. geordie presley says:

    when I did this,those boxes you had did not appear,and now when I sync my I-pod the playlists do not sync

  4. Curt Kremerskotter says:

    Dude… you are a bad ass. Thx.. I wasted two hours trying to get this old iPod syncing. . So simple… thx

  5. Dre says:

    Thank you for this! This was frustrating the hell out of me. Lol. Crazy it was something so simple. Thank you again!

  6. Ted Rinshed says:

    My 64GB Ipod classic is not being recognized by the latest versions of Itunes anymore. I have an 8GB 6 year old Ipod that it recognizes in Itunes.They say they aren't supporting the Ipod classic anymore so i can't download audiobooks or music to it. Any ideas on a workaround? I tried downloading an old version of itunes and it doesn't work. This is bullshit from Apple if true.

    I can't get my library of 40 GB of audiobooks to sinc up with a 4 year old Itunes version named

  7. abel berenguer says:

    Hi can you please help me if you can I have apple iPod 5th classic 30gb is not turn on just turn on when is in the charger I fix a new battery and still not turn on is self just when plag in any help please thank you

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