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  1. Harish Chengaiah says:

    Is there a slight bump in camera quality due to change in processor along with its newer ISP? Or is it still the same?

  2. Nattapaul Teetipsatit says:

    Rene, why does apple release this kind of product? It seems that this product doesn't really have space in the market now a day. Not to mention about the price. There's nothing much, yet it cost 199$. Apple's marketing seems to be a mess right now…

  3. Juan Alvarez says:

    Yeah that thing is a fucking scam
    If you bought a iPod this day and age
    Why are you here

    Ban apple in China
    And block all trades with the Usa
    Dont sell us nothing and tell USA that we need to get right and get out of the bullshit
    I am from Texas and I'm
    Watching on my Huawei honor 8x max and my service is with cricket
    This is the best big budget smart phone created by a Chinese company
    And the reason why I got it was because Samsung and apple are to expensive
    And are a lot smaller than my phablet
    So in my opinion
    Huawei isn't cheating there customers
    Apple and Samsung are
    And America is jealous that Huawei is better
    And the whole spying on us is just a lie to try to divert people from buying Huawei devices
    These overrated companies

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