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  1. Janice Brown says:

    So this is only a speed test it's not like it's a phone I don't plan on using it to call 911 so who needs the speed. It's a newer version it's supposed to be faster. I don't see your point

  2. Love Life says:

    Nice comparison bro. Even though they look the same the iPod touch 7 Is way faster. I’ll be getting mine soon

  3. rentize says:

    the iPod Touch 6 isnt charged, i feel lack of preformance on my iPhone and iPod when its not charged, i think you should do it with same charge

  4. Jack5718 Gaming says:

    my friend's iPod touch 6th generation will not let him sign into iTunes/iCloud

  5. Player says:

    It's not glitchier, but it stutters more and is laggier, not glitchy. Also, 32 comments. 32 gb. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  6. Alias Alias says:

    Hey you should turn on reduce animation from settings and all the other settings that slow down the iPod like push notifications, background app refresh, turning them off makes things better and turning on limit advertising under settings there’s more too but I have to remember them you should also download Memory&Disk cleaner pro to clean things further

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