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  1. strawberriesnz says:

    Up front; I would not buy the current iPod. However, I would go back to the days of the iPod nano.

    Why? I would really like a compact, light device dedicated to music and audiobooks. I do not need a camera, or anything else fancy. I would just want lots of space, wireless pairing, really fantastic battery life.

    Why not just use my phone? Well I do, but my phone is limited by space due to having photos, videos and additional apps; battery life is compromised as I am using it constantly for communication and all that; and these days my phone is large, and rarely a throw in my pocket, or clip to my shirt and go (oh, the days of the shuffle). Ultimately, an upgrade of the iPod to a more dedicated audio device designed for travel, movement and being on-the-go would be fantastic for me.

  2. Josh T says:

    I don’t think it’s a bad idea. I get what you’re saying; you can get much more for only $150 more but when you’re a kid, that’s a lot of money. Believe it or not lots of parents won’t fork over $350 to buy their kid a phone. Once you get to a certain age, maybe 12 or 13 you pretty much need a phone, but for younger kids it’s a good alternative. I don’t think they should discontinue it, it’s not like it changes anything for us.

  3. Shrey Shah says:

    I use an iPod as a trap phone, and it is great.
    I can text my friends and anyone since it has iMessage, and other apps to text.
    If I am ever in a tight situation, I can contact help.
    It is great for surfing the web because it doesn't slow down, and it runs games just fine.
    Also, fortnite runs on this device just fine.

  4. Jeanice T. says:

    the iPod Touch is still going strong because 2 years ago I knew I couldn’t have a iPhone and the iPod was like an iPhone to me it was so special and now that I have the iPhone I use the iPod still!

  5. Jan-Willem says:

    Thought of buying one. I still like the idea of a dedicated music playing device. So, I tried to sell my old iPhone in order to purchase the iPod. Not the smartest idea, since the iPod touch is an old device and the iPhone I was selling was WAY better. So, I removed ALL apps from my Jet Black iPhone 7, and I mean all of them. Then I filled the iPhone to the brim with music (it has 256 GB) and changed the name in iPod Pro. The iPod is an iconic device, but its functions can be had in the iPhone. 8 years ago, iPhones had 8 or 16 GB, whereas the iPod Classic had 160 GB. That's a major difference. You can buy a second hand iPhon 7 with 256 GB, remove everything and have dedicated iPod with a large flash drive and everything for similar money of a 128 GB iPod Touch.

  6. Mr Burns says:

    Didn’t even know they still made them tbh. They were good back in the day of MP3/4 players by they are just basically an iPhone that can’t call or text and everyone has a phone these days so what is the point?

  7. Ha1frican says:

    You’re not buying an iPod to contact your kid…if you wanted that you WOULD get a phone. Your buying it so they have something to shut them up lol but seriously my cousins all have these because their parent don’t want to have to pay for cellular service month after month. You can get this cheaper, you don’t have to worry about the cell service, and your kids can watch YouTube, Netflix or whatever and it goes with them wherever I don’t get how that doesn’t make sense

  8. Anthony Cui says:

    Technicians at SKF in Sweden use these as control interfaces in manufacturing. As far as I've come to understand it, some machines are monitored with iOS apps. It's obviously cheaper than handing an iPhone to all of the technicians. This product is obsolete for first world consumers, but if it's common practice to use them in industrial environments I guess Apple still profits from iPod Touch. Besides, they provide a cheaper entry point into the iOS environment than other Apple products – like basic cell phones they might still be selling well in third world countries. With Wi-Fi capabilities and iOS compatibility these are basically the "iPad: really fucking mini" model.

  9. David Maglioli says:

    Some good points but I think a product like the iPod needs to stick around. Its the last relevant mp3 player. Its great if you just want to have a dedicated music player. Sure our phones can do that now, but I loaded my entire music collection onto my phone and now more than half my storage is used up. If I had an ipod I could have used that instead and saved the space on my phone. Sure, streaming on Spotify and GPM is a thing, but who wants an extra bill every month, "but you can still use them for free" I hear you say, sure if you like ads every other song and skip limits. Plus no streaming service has some of the niche genres of music I like. I like to listen to video game soundtracks while I'm at work. GPM has very few OSTs from games and what they do have is covers, and while Spotify is better in regard to OSTs they too have mostly covers. My personal music collection has stuff that you'll never find on a streaming service, and having a dedicated media player like an iPod is very useful.

  10. alicia says:

    i actually believe that the iPod touch should still be sold, when i was younger (9-12), all i used was my ipod touch! I wasn’t allowed to have a phone until i entered high school so my ipod was a great way for me to still imessage my friends, and have all the apps and games that i can have on a phone without acc having a phone! it seems impractical but it was really convenient. You’re points do make a lot of sense too! In general my parents were really strict so i couldn’t go places without my parents coming anyways, and if i did go to the mall w my friends or something my parents would lend me their phone! but to each their own

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