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  1. Nala Nissen says:

    I I had one when they came out until a few months ago then I got a new one because it shattered but nothing wuz wrong with it but when I got my new one recently and there is WAYYYY to many bugs and twitches

  2. Sharon Keats-Hannan says:

    Be good for listening to music or podcasts without having phone calls, messages and other alerts interrupting you.

  3. Jessica Hahn says:

    Maybe because some parents don’t let their kids have phones so they get them iPod touch instead

  4. Slushdog 101 says:

    IPod touch was my first ever apple product, the new generations will never understand.

  5. Cynthia Brown says:

    I want an MP3 player I can download music and other audio on WHEN I DON'T HAVE A LIVE INTERNET CONNECTION. I have amazon prime unlimited – which is a sub service that ALLOWS DOWNLOADS. Is that something I can use on an ipod? (I am not a tech person but really miss having music when I work in the yard)

  6. Mythical Memes says:

    They never stop selling because it is good selling and a good purchase for your kids and stuff

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